About us

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About us

Myself Amar deep. Simply known as marketer amar on internet. I started my journey as a Youtube creator on 5th April 2020. I started my youtube channel with name Adg tech. After creating almost 20 to 30 videos. I think i can start blogging because i think i can drive traffic from my youtube channel to my blog. And all of us know that we can easily get adsense approval if we are talking between youtube and blog. So i decided to start a blog with www.techadg.online domain.After 1 year my main channel got hacked. No i was totally broken. I stop creating content for one month but, After that i started to learn everything about technology online earning, and digital marketing. No i am also started my own digital marketing agency Name Intubeweb, where i work with at least 20+ happy clients. This is the short story of tech adg founder -: Amar deep (marketer amar)

Topics covered in this Blog-:

  • Make money online.
  • Work from home.
  • Without investment earning.

I have also started my own e-learning platform called learninghubs and also a digital marketing agency called Intubeweb.