How To Make Money With My Voice: 9 Ways For Beginners (2024)

How To Make Money With My Voice: 9 Ways For Beginners (2024)

Did you know you can make money with your voice online?

Did you ever search on Google, How do I make money using my voice? or How can I use my voice to make money? or How can I get paid for my voice? – Well, you’re not alone!

In this age of advanced technology, it’s entirely possible.

Maybe you’ve been told you have a nice voice or you’re confident in your voice skills.

Perhaps you’ve heard about others making money with their voices and wondered if it’s too good to be true.

If you’re considering entering the world of voice acting and want to know how to make money with my voice online, check out our simple guide that covers:

  • What voice acting is all about
  • The different types of voice acting jobs
  • The skills you need to make money with your voice
  • How much you can earn using your voice
  • Where to find online voice acting jobs

Voice acting and voice over jobs are becoming more popular among freelancers and remote workers, offering a great way to make money. I’ve had the same questions about making money with my voice, so I’m sharing this information with you!

What Is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is when someone uses their voice for different jobs. It can be for things like making animated characters sound real, telling stories with just audio, or giving information through spoken announcements, like traffic updates.

Basically, voice acting or voice over jobs involve using your voice for the audio part of a project. This could mean:

  • Giving a voice to fictional characters, especially in animated content.
  • Telling stories through just audio.
  • Sharing information, like traffic updates or announcements, in audio format.

There’s a lot more to voice acting than just these examples. The demand for people who can do voice overs has gone up a lot, and many industries are willing to pay well for these performances.

In simple terms, voice acting is like a performance where you use your voice, and it’s a job that’s in high demand!

Various Types of Voice Over Jobs: 9 Ways For Beginners

Various Types of Voice Over Jobs:
Various Types of Voice Over Jobs:

Making money with your voice goes beyond just the entertainment industry. There are various ways to get paid for using your voice. Before we talk about the different voice jobs that can earn you money, now explore how to make money with my voice through these 9 ways and see if voice acting is a good fit for you.

You might enjoy diving into the world of voice acting if you:

  • Like acting.
  • Enjoy talking but don’t like being on camera.
  • You can change your voice well, speak clearly, and project your voice.
  • Love reading out loud.
  • Enjoy telling stories.
  • Are good at giving information in a clear and short way.

If you’re ready to use your voice to make money, here are some voice acting jobs to consider:

How to Make Money with My Voice:

1. Storyteller

A voice over storyteller who talks about stories or tells you what’s going on by describing and explaining things. If you enjoy telling stories, you can use your voice for:

  • Audiobooks
  • Documentaries
  • Videos for promoting products
  • Educational videos
  • Guiding people through audio tours

2. Announcer

A voice over announcer typically makes announcements for various purposes.

If you like making announcements, you can use your voice for:

  • Audio Advertisements
  • Sharing traffic updates
  • Announcing things on talk shows using only your voice

3. Voice Over Artist

Being a voice over artist is a cool type of voice job. It lets you use your voice in different ways:

  • In cartoons and animations
  • For audio dramas
  • In video games
  • When dubbing TV or movies in another language

Most importantly, being a voice over artist can help you get noticed as a talented voice in the world of voice-overs. This exposure can really boost your chances of being seen as someone with a good voice!

4. Podcaster

Podcasts are super popular now and you can make money with podcasts. Since people are always busy, they like getting info through audio instead of reading.

With a podcast, you can:

  • Teach what you know well
  • Tell stories for kids
  • Have interviews
  • Share stories
  • Give tips to stay motivated

If you’re trying to figure out how to make money with my voice, then as you can see the options are limitless, and there are plenty of great job opportunities waiting for you.

5. Voice Over for Videos

Numerous online platforms hire individuals to provide voice-overs for videos. You can join membership programs on voice over websites, offer your services, and promote your rates.

These are some sites always looking for people to talk in their videos:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Voicfy
  • Voices

It can be tough to stand out, so be creative when promoting yourself and practice a lot!

6. Voice Over for Commercials

Another way to do voice-overs is for commercials! To apply for these jobs, create a portfolio with a few demos showing different ways you can use your voice. Here are good places to start:

  • Fiverr
  • Voices
  • Blue Wave Voiceover

Send your demos to get started today!

7. Sell Ads or Promos on the Radio

Here’s a less competitive way to use your voice – sell it for local radio stations. You know those ads you hear in your car? Well, local talents often voice them. Check out radio station websites and send in your demos!

Make sure your demo sounds good by:

  • Using a good-quality microphone at home
  • Having some decent soundproofing in your room
  • Using good editing software

Imagine how cool it would be if your mom heard your voice on the radio!

8. Having a Good Singing Voice

Before you think, “NEXT!”, this isn’t just for professional singers! If you’re naturally good at singing, you can make money with your lovely voice online!

Here are some ways to explore this:

  • Give singing lessons to people all over the country.
  • Make money by singing cover songs on YouTube or TikTok.
  • Sell vocal tracks and acapellas online.

You don’t have to wait for a singing career to take off on American Idol anymore!

9. Make a Meditation YouTube Channel

If your friends and family like how calming and soothing your voice is, you can turn that talent into money!

Start your own YouTube channel where you guide people through meditation for relaxation.

Here are some tips to begin:

  • Learn how to write meditation guides by checking online scripts for ideas.
  • Use a good camera to film peaceful scenes like the beach or the forest.
  • Get licensed meditation music to play in the background of your videos.
  • Record your voice over the video and music, then publish it!
  • Do it again and again!

Even though it might take a lot of time at first, it will pay off once you get lots of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel!

Now that you have a clear knowledge of the types of voice over jobs, let’s discuss how much money can I make from voice acting.

How To Make Money With My Voice?

I know you are wondering ‘How can I get paid for my voice?’ or ‘How much money can I make from voice acting?’. Well, it depends on your experience and the kind of project you’re doing. Here’s a quick guide to give you an idea of potential earnings:

  • For a short radio ad for a small company, you might earn $35 to $50 by using your voice.
  • If it’s a 30-second commercial for a big brand, you could make up to $400.
  • Doing audiobooks might bring in $2000 to $5000.

You can find more details on earnings at Voices, a big marketplace for voice over jobs.

If you want to earn money recording your voice, it’s important not to charge too little for your services. One way to avoid this is to set a minimum rate for any work you take on. This rate depends on how much time you spend practicing, recording, and editing after recording.

There are different ways to get paid for voice acting:

  • Payment Per Project: You get a lump sum for the whole job, whether it’s one voiceover or a series of them.
  • Payment By Time: You’re paid based on how long the voiceover or acting takes. For instance, $15 for every 20 seconds of speaking.
  • Payment By Words: You get paid a certain amount for each word you say, depending on the script.

What Skills Do I Need For Voice Acting Jobs?

What Skills Do I Need For Voice Acting Jobs?
What Skills Do I Need For Voice Acting Jobs?

It’s clear that voice acting is a pretty unique job. So, before you jump into a career in voice acting and voiceovers, it’s good to have certain skills. Here they are:

– Good Voice Control and Modulation:

The best thing a voice actor can have is a smooth and clear voice is crucial. Being able to change how you sound and talk in a way that’s easy to understand and confident is super important for being a pro voice actor.

– Speak Clearly:

This is really important. When you do voice acting jobs, you’re basically sharing messages or stories. To make sure people understand through just the audio, how you say things is crucial, no matter what language the voice over job is in.

– Practice Regularly:

Some people think that doing voice acting or voice over jobs isn’t very hard. But actually, there’s a lot of stuff you need to do for a voice acting job.

So, it’s crucial to keep practicing your voice acting skills regularly. This means working on how you talk, your breath control, and saying words the right way.

– Pay Attention to Details:

Understand what you do! It’s crucial to feel a connection with the tasks you have to complete.

You can do this by really focusing on the script and maybe learning more about the topic of the voice over job you agreed to do.

– Acting Skills Matter:

No matter what kind of voice acting job you do—whether it’s a quick radio ad or a whole cartoon series—you definitely need some acting skills!

You’ve got to really become the character you’re playing or put some excitement into the role, especially for commercials.

Having acting skills will really make you stand out and make it more likely for you to get more voice over jobs.

How Do I Get Started With Voice Over Jobs?

If you wake up one day and decide, “I want to make money using my voice,” there are some great ways to begin! Also, there are various types of voice over jobs. If you have the right skills and confidence in yourself, you can easily earn money with your voice.

If you don’t know much about voice acting, you can start by joining voice acting training classes.

There are many websites online that are good for people who are new to voice acting.

1. Introduction to Voice Over with Julie Eickhoff

Learn voice acting online with the Intro To Voice Over course by Julie Eickhoff. Julie has been doing voice overs since 2011 and has narrated over 100 audiobooks. She’s also an Audible Approved Producer. In her free mini-course, she covers the basics of voice acting jobs and teaches the essential skills to kickstart your voice acting career.

2. Work From Home Doing Voice Overs with Julie Eickhoff

If you’re ready to invest in your voice acting career, Julie Eickhoff’s Work From Home Doing Voice Overs course is a complete package. Julie covers important aspects like:

  • Creating the perfect recording space
  • Knowing the equipment needed for voice acting jobs
  • Picking up the skills to start your voice acting career
  • Finding voice acting jobs and auditions
  • Managing your voice acting business

The best part is, that you can pay for the course in 8 affordable monthly installments.

3. Guide For Beginners To Working As A Voice Artist by Gravy For The Brain

Learn from Hugh Edwards, a voice and casting director, and Peter Dickson, a voice artist, in this free webinar about starting your career as a voice actor.

They also give you a free eBook called “Essential Voiceover Business” to help you run your voice acting business.

4. “Making a Living With Your Voice” – Be a Voice Over Artist

This is a popular course on Udemy that teaches you the basics of voice acting. Perfect for beginners, it covers the tools and techniques you need to start your journey in voice acting. The course helps you with:

  • Recording well and behaving in a studio
  • Basic skills for editing audio
  • Creating a practice demo for applying to voice acting jobs.

5. Voice Acting & Voice Overs Course

This course covers everything about voice acting, explaining it from start to finish. It helps you understand how to make a living using your voice, guiding you through each step.

Additionally, it shows you how to use Audacity, a popular tool for recording and editing audio. This makes your voice recordings better for your voice acting work.

I know this question has been haunting your mind: which voice acting career truly suits me, and how to make money with my voice?

Fear not, for by the end of this article, you will get your answer.

Are Voice Acting Jobs Hiring Now? is a website that pays people who work from home as voice actors. This site has won awards and offers opportunities for voice talents to do freelance work for audiobooks, e-learning, videos, mobile apps, films, and more.

Voices is the top marketplace for voice over jobs worldwide. Big names like Microsoft, The History Channel, and the Discovery Channel trust it.

You can make a free account or pay for a better profile with a premium membership to apply for more jobs.

It links people who need a voice for their projects (voice buyers) with those who offer their voice talent (voice talents) through the Voices website.

Once you sign up, you can see job opportunities and apply for them.

When you find a job you like, you can audition online by sending in a recording file in MP3 format. pays well for voice acting gigs, and you can earn between $100 to $2,000 per project, as per their rate sheet.

Voice123 is the first-ever marketplace for voice overs and voice acting globally. They’ve been around since 2003, connecting people who need voices with those who have the talent.

After creating your profile on Voice123, you’ll get invites to projects that match your skills. Then, you can send in your auditions or demo tapes, talk about your payment, and, if all goes well, get hired.

If you like narrating audiobooks, ACX is an excellent place to start your voice acting journey. It’s Amazon’s marketplace where authors, literary agents, and publishers find narrators.

ACX has a handy guide on how to begin. You make a profile, share samples of your voice acting, look for audiobooks you’d like to narrate, and audition for them. It’s that simple!

Backstage is a website where people share information about jobs for speaking voices. If you’re interested in doing voice acting, you can look at the jobs listed here.

The people who need someone to speak for them post their opportunities, and you can send them examples of your voice.

Remember to read the posts carefully because some jobs only accept submissions from certain countries.

If you can speak multiple languages, you might find voice acting jobs on Bodalgo. They provide opportunities to use your voice in more than 80 languages!

Whether it’s for commercials, explainer videos, business presentations, or educational materials, you’ll likely discover a voice acting job that matches your skills.

Bunny Studio is like a one-stop shop for all things related to creating content.

It’s super easy to sign up as a voice actor, and once you’ve made your profile, the platform will connect you with people looking for voices.

The Voice Realm is the biggest group of casting websites. They’re always looking for people with good voices as a voice artist.

You can easily share your information and any recordings you have, and they will get in touch with you if they’re interested.

Fiverr is a general place where freelancers offer their services. You can make a profile and let people know you can do voice acting.

Just search for voice acting or voice over jobs, and they will connect you with people who need voice talents.

Upwork is a popular site where freelancers find work. You can put up samples of your voice acting and get matched with people who need your talent. While it’s known for writing or design jobs, there are also chances for singers.

Just sign up, look for jobs you like, and apply. There are opportunities for singing, voice training, and other voice-related work. The pay varies for each job, but Upwork is a good way to find singing jobs online or regular work.

LinkedIn is not just for professionals. If you keep your profile updated with the voice work you do and mention that you’re looking for voice acting jobs, it’s a good place to connect voice sellers with people who need voices.

Ear Works is a media website that offers voice services, along with writing, video, and audio production. They hire people with good voices for the projects their clients have.

If you’re good at singing, you can make money by giving online singing lessons to students from anywhere. lets you offer voice training online.

Make a good profile on the site to show what you can do. Then, Take Lessons will take care of bookings and payments from your students. You just need to focus on teaching.

You get to decide when you want to teach, so you have the freedom to plan your schedule and set appointments with students whenever it suits you.

Snap Recordings is another site for voice talents, similar to You can sign up for free, create a profile, and bid on jobs.

The main difference is the kind of work available. Snap Recordings usually offers chances to record voice messages for businesses, like those used for phone systems or other parts of the company.

They have over 100 voice actors who lend their voices for various tasks, such as greetings, messages on hold, and voice prompts, for different businesses.

Beginner Tips For Success to Make Money From Voice Acting Jobs

If you want to stand out in the world of voice acting, here are some things you can do:

  • Use good recording equipment like the Toedury Microphone Bundle, especially if you’re just starting!
  • Learn how to use recording and audio editing software like Audacity.
  • Make sure to meet or even exceed what your client expects in how you sound and deliver your work. If you’re not sure, ask them.
  • Do a great job, and your current clients might recommend you to others looking for voice actors.
  • If you’re on platforms that match clients with actors, see if your clients can give you ratings. This can make your profile better and increase your chances of getting more voice acting jobs on the platform.

In this article, we have discussed various types of voice over jobs. If you’re interested in pursuing this career, check out the ‘Types of Voice Over Jobs’ section.

How Much Money Can I Make From Voice Acting Work

How Much Money Can I Make From Voice Acting Work
How Much Money Can I Make From Voice Acting Work

Yes, I know you are thinking about it… okay, I have a good voice and also have the skills that a voice acting artist needs, but how much money can I make from voice acting? Well, on average, a voice actor makes about $76,297 per year, which is around $37 per hour, as per ZipRecruiter.

Keep in mind, that the more experience you gain, the more you can charge for your voice acting skills. Now that you have all the info to become a voice actor, start searching for voice acting jobs!

It’s cool that you can make money from home using your voice. Voice acting is a great remote job you can do from anywhere.

Just remember, the key to being a successful voice actor is to keep getting better at what you do. With practice and learning, you’ll become an expert voice actor making good money in no time!

That’s it. After reading this entire article, you will have a clear idea of how to make money with my voice. If you still have questions in your mind about which types of voice over jobs you can go for or how can I get paid for my voice, feel free to ask in the comments.

If you have any experience on ‘how can I use my voice to make money’, please share it with us so that others can learn more.

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