How to Make Money On YouTube for Beginners

How to Make Money On YouTube for Beginners

How to make money on YouTube in 30 Days challenge

Ever wonder how to make money on YouTube? If you are a housewife, student or working professional and want to generate some extra income for yourself, then here are some of the best ideas to earn money online on YouTube. Pay attention, because YouTube is a great place to make more than 10,000 per month. It’s not just for watching series or funny videos; it’s the best way to generate a good source of income through creativity and connecting with your audience. But the thing is, how do you turn your hobbies and creativity into cash? So first take the challenge of how to make money on YouTube within 30 days.

5 easy steps on how to make money on YouTube.

Step 1: Create your channel. Pick a creative name that matches your topic and that you think people can also search for.

Step 2: Identify your passion! Think about what skills you have. cooking, gaming, teaching something new skills, and creating handcrafts. Start making videos about what you love.

Step 3: Be the king of quality! Use a high-quality camera, clear audio, and well-organized editing. Viewers appreciate it! People hate watching low-quality videos.

Step 4: Keep up your consistency! Regularly release online videos to keep viewers engaging and interested. 1 or 2 videos are good enough.

Step 5: Talk to your viewers like friends, not strangers, answer their questions and comments to show you care and clear things up, sprinkle in some helpful links related to your videos for extra information

Be patient! Success comes with a waiting period. Put in a lot of effort, follow your own rules, learn new things, and never give up!

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5 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube videos

  1. Sign up for the Partner Program on YouTube
  2. Sell your own goods
  3. Create and promote content
  4. Join as a partner affiliate
  5. Use crowdfunding

Sign up for the Partner Program on YouTube

How do I monetize my YouTube channel? One excellent way to monetize your channel is to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To help you get started, consider the following step-by-step guide: –

Eligibility are:- 

  • 1,000 subscribers: For the majority of countries, this is the new minimum requirement.
  • Should have 4000 valid publick watch hours in the last 12 months and remember only publick video watch time will count, private or unlisted will not count.
  • You must live in a country/region where YPP is available. You can check it here
  • Strictly follow YouTube community guidelines, and make sure your content does not contain harmful content, speech, threats, harassment, bullying, Spam or misleading content. 

Here are some resources to learn more:

YouTube Community Guidelines:

YouTube Help Center:

YouTube Creator Academy:

  • Having a linked AdSense account is a place where your earnings will be deposited. So first, create one AdSense account during the application process.


  1. Review the requirements properly and make sure you meet the criteria before applying to it.
  2. Go to YouTube Studio.
  3. Select “Monetization” from the menu on the left.
  4. See the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Program.
  5. Tap “Apply Now.”
  6. Create an AdSense account.
  7. Check everything properly 
  8. Review your channel content and make sure it complies with YouTube’s policies.
  9. Finish submitting your application. 

Keep in mind that joining the YPP is only the beginning. To properly make money from your channel, you must develop a loyal following and provide them with engaging content. Good luck on your YouTube earn money online journey!

Sell your own goods

One of the best ways to engage your audience, grow your brand, and even make money from your YouTube channel is to sell merchandise, or “merch.” Follow these guidelines to get started on YouTube and discover what merchandise is.

What is merchandise?

Any branded items you produce and market that bear the name, logo, characters, or designs of your channel are referred to as merch. This could include T-shirts, hoodies, accessories including stickers, mugs, phone cases, purses, notepads, necklaces, etc.

Steps: how to earn money on YouTube by selling your own goods

1: Design your merchandise, create unique and creative eye-catching designs that represent your channel, which people can recognize very easily. Collaborate with artists or use online design tools to earn money online.

2: Select an on-demand printing service your attention can be directed toward design and marketing, as these services take care of production, storage, and shipping. Popular options include Redbubble, Teespring, and Printful.

3. Establish an Internet shop You can either use the platform that your print-on-demand provider offers to make money online, or you can launch your store on Shopify or Etsy.

4. Market your merchandise 

  • Use social media and your YouTube channel to announce the opening of your store. It will help your business and increase awareness.
  • To get viewers to buy, in your YouTube videos, promote your products.
  • To encourage sales, provide discounts and promotions.
  • Organize competitions and giveaways with your merchandise.

5. Maintain high quality: Make sure to provide accurate product descriptions and photos; also, always try to deliver top-notch customer support.

Additional tips: Before starting, read carefully to be successful.
  • Start small: Before you extend your range, start with a few well-liked designs and observe how they work it helps to analyze.
  • Listen to your audience: Find out what they think about the designs, what they are looking for and the kinds of merchandise they would like to see for better growth.
  • Stay cooperative: Make sure that your designs don’t violate copyrights or trademarks to continue working on YouTube videos.

Create and promote content to earn money online

Making entertaining videos and getting people to watch them is what makes YouTube videos and channels awesome!

Consider your YouTube channel to be a wonderful pizza, with the videos serving as the crust and toppings (which must be tasty!). Spreading the word about your channel is like feeding hungry customers. To achieve both, follow these simple steps to earn money online:

Making awesome YouTube videos:

  1. Discover what you love and find your niche. What skills do you have? This could be anything from cooking to old-school video games. Check out what makes other local channels interesting, then add a twist of your own.
  2. Try your hardest, even in the absence of fancy equipment: Invest in a good microphone and use free apps to edit your videos to make them look smooth. Film in a bright place with a tidy background. Never forget that even simple objects can produce amazing videos!
  3. Post frequently to generate excitement through YouTube videos: Try to upload once or twice a week. Add an intro to your channel to make it look good, and at the end of each video, let viewers know about your upcoming video to create suspense. Ask them to subscribe!
Additional tips: Before starting, read carefully to be successful in understanding how to earn money on YouTube by creating and promoting content.
  • Try to create eye-catching titles and images.
  • Use social media to post your videos like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Try to take advantage of YouTube’s unique features.
  • Make friends and collaborate with them for your upcoming YouTube videos.
  • Always try different things, see what the outcome is, and analyze things accordingly

Earn online money through Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

One of the easiest ways to do affiliate marketing is through YouTube video shorts to earn money online and get results within 30 huge numbers of audience attraction towards your product or service. Shorts should be between 0 – 59 seconds. This is very popular to get fast results, Your body language and the way you communicate with your audience. while using affiliate products be very careful related to the watermark 

  • Select your niche (for better conversion) It is very important for growth example- Fitness, Finance, Pets, tech gadgets, startup news, educational videos, storytelling, and Facts (for example you want to get details related to facts- go to Pinterest and search for facts and if you are looking for a particular field, than in search box mention facts related to XYZ. These facts you can use in your YouTube video shorts), Micro Reviews.
  •  How much content you should post in YouTube short videos? Publish 1-2 videos every day, within 30 days your videos get a boost and get more views 
  • Example- You selected a niche like clothing which you will get on Amazon, Meesho, and Flipkart comparing those dress quality, brand, price, and color within 59-second videos and mention if you are interested can buy from the link which I have provided in my description/ comment below for link
  • Affiliate brands are AliExpress and  Amazon Affiliate marketing program, which pays a commission of 1 – 10% on any sale you generate for Amazon. 

Crowdfunding Explained: Raising Funds with the Crowd

One way to raise money is through crowdfunding, which involves a lot of individual investors working together. Crowdfunding is mainly conducted online on websites and social media. Examples are for social work, for medical treatment, startup, helping someone with studies or you can even collect money to travel or launch your album.

  1. Donation Base – In this you do not need to pay anything to your audience one of the best examples is raising money for animal treatment or helping people to make money for their medical treatment.
  2. Reward Base – Raising funds for your product and as a reward providing some gifts or products to your audience. 
  3. Equity-based – Sharing some point of profit margin with your audience from your crowdfunding 
Steps before you begin to earn money online

First, choose your project, select your crowdfunding platform like YouTube videos, set realistic goals then create your YouTube videos, grab the attention of your viewers with an engaging intro, tell your story, highlight your crowdfunding campaign, tell your viewers what they need to do, use relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags it will help to find your video, include a link of your camping where you want to rais money, promote your videos on social media and try to engage with your audience, partner with other creators, run contents and giveaways, be transparent about everything, in the end, show gratitude to your audience. here are the links to the websites to raise funds Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

Remember, how to earn money on YouTube is an art, and turning your art into an opportunity takes time. It requires time and effort, but with the help of these tips, you will be able to earn a good amount of money.

Earning money on YouTube is fantastic, but it does not happen by magic-it takes time and effort! You will not become rich quickly. Rather, create engaging content that you love to watch on videos. This will build a community of fans who support you. Investigate the various revenue streams on YouTube, such as advertising and product sales. Continue studying the YouTube guidelines. Most importantly, have fun creating and be yourself! This is the process of making your pastime profitable!

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